about us

Agri600 is a complete dust and water management solution for the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Our unique cross-binding latex co-polymer formula is manufactured to be most effective in dust control, erosion control, pothole repair in tarmac, soil stabilisation, rehabilitation in erosion prone areas, prevention of water damp.

Agri600 Rejuvenator and Agri600 Readymix is one of the most effective methods of repairing old tar surfaces and construction of new tar roads. This cold tar mixture is easy to use, ideal for DIY and cost effective.

Agri600 Water Manager is the most effective solution to saving up to 50% of water on crops, lawn repair, normal plant growth and achieving standard plant production.

Agri600 has developed a revolutionary cross-binding latex polymer aggregate stabilization product designed to assist in soil stabilization.

Agri600 Rejuvenator and Agri600 Readymix is ideal in construction of tar roads or home DIY repair of potholes. 

Environmentally Friendly

Agri600 Dust and Erosion Control products are manufactured with environmentally friendly and biodegradable polymers suitable for agriculture and industrial.

Easy To Apply

Agri600 Polymer is a water based product. Diluted to the correct solution our product may be applied to a road surface with any spray applicator with low pressure.

Agri600 Rejuvenator is easy to apply to any gravel road surface using a spray applicator or a paint roller on old tar surfaces.

Agri600 Readymix is a simple easy to mix solution for construction of new tar roads or pothole repair.

Cost Effective

Agri600 has been developed to be cost effective and could save you up to 80% of conventional products.

Agri600 Products

Agri600 Polymer is an environmentally friendly liquid latex polymer best used in the stabilization of soil, dust and erosion control on gravel roads, concrete dam sealer and stabilization of dam walls.

Agri600 Rejuvenator is a cold liquid tar restoring agent used to repair and rejuvenate old tar surfaces and in the construction of gravel road tar surfaces.

Agri600 Readymix is a cold tar mixture distributed in 25Kg bags and ideal for construction of tar roads and home DIY.