Water Manager

Agri600 Water Manager

Agri600 Water Manager is a water management solution to crop production, lawn repair, plantation growth, commercial greenhouse plant growth and assist agriculture in water usage per season.

Agri600 Water Manager can save up to 50% of water per planting season, assisting in water usage, electricity usage for pumps, maintenance of equipment all while achieving the same crop production upon harvest.
Agri600 Water Manager assists with lawn repair in dry conditions where irrigated water is not sufficient.
Agri600 is currently in the process of scientific evaluation of the water manager product on tobacco. As seen below, graphs indicate substantial growth achieved on product blocks using only 50% of irrigated water. Hail has been an influential factor causing large scale damage on crops and yet great results are achieved.
Agri600 scientific trials on tobacco will continue until April 2020 while starting new trials on product development.